Nursing Informatics Salary Expectations

Salaries in the relatively new field of nursing informatics can vary from $57,000 up to $118,000 per year on average depending upon location, specialty, private or public settings, experience and education. Standardized job descriptions in nursing informatics are few, so salaries can seem to vary widely when job descriptions are similar.

Project Manager, Systems Director

As in most industries, the higher salaries are in upper management. A Project Manager or Systems Director in nursing informatics can earn as much as $120,000 per year. This can go up or down depending upon whether the job is in a large hospital setting on a major university campus or in a health clinic in a small town. Differentials also exist between jobs in the IT industry and the health industry; both may have the same requirements and responsibilities but jobs in IT tend to pay more. These jobs are typically staffed by college graduates with a Masters Degree and possibly a PhD as well.

Nursing Informatics Specialist

This vague job title could encompass a lot, so salaries can cover a very wide range across the various industries. In a 2011 Nursing Informatics Workforce survey, it was found that the average salary for a Nursing Informatics Specialist is $98,000 per year. Some respondents of the survey reported as little as $57,000 per year with a high of $118,000 per year. It was noted that salaries are higher on the west coast and lower in the Midwest. RNs who are certified in nursing informatics can earn up to $119,644 whereas noncertified RNs earn approximately $93,787. Also, private health care settings pay more than hospitals.

Clinical Informatics Coordinator

Someone doing the job of Clinical Informatics Coordinator may have the same role as a Nursing Informatics Specialist in a different environment. There are no rules or guidelines about the duties and responsibilities that are included under the umbrella of coordinator or specialist. A Clinical Informatics Coordinator is an RN who is not involved in direct patient care but may be occupied with testing and troubleshooting software. Depending upon the employer and the personís experience and education, the salary range is similar to that of the Nursing Informatics Specialist.

Nursing Informatics Analyst

Medical Records Software developers and hospitals use Nursing Informatics Analysts to test computer applications and ensure that they are easy to use and contain the features that are needed by the organization. The analyst also recommends improvements or changes to software systems when appropriate. Average annual salaries for Nursing Informatics Analysts start at $80,000.

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Analyst

This position may not always require a nursing degree and deals with maintenance of data in patientsí Electronic Health Records. These records contain a patientís laboratory data, radiology reports, immunizations, medications, and demographic data. It is crucial that EHRs remain confidential and secure at all times and the EHR Analyst is required to adhere to strict privacy policies. The salary range is from $58,000 to $70,000 per year.

The US Department of Labor estimates future job growth in healthcare to be around 49%, which will account for approximately 6,000 new jobs in nursing informatics. Entry level jobs in nursing informatics are nonexistent since all require several years of experience in a clinical setting and some exposure to IT systems.
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